Episode 30: Maybe we all need to chill?

September 05, 2021 Chris Season 1 Episode 30
Episode 30: Maybe we all need to chill?
Show Notes

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After opening this discussion saying we have no feedback or followup we spend half this podcast musing on questions raised about government power and growth. Our main topic this week is how politics isn't as bad as you think. You're allowed to not vote for someone because you don't like their tax policies, you don't have to paint them as an existensial threat to our entire way of life.

If you know whether an Australian minister can fire a public servant we really want to know!!

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Big list of coffee bets - now also on Melange app.


The giving what we can pledge is a movement founded by EA to encourage giving 10% of their income and then not feeling like you have to keep doing "more"

The case against crisis-mongering - our main topic curtesy of Matty Glesias (or maybe Matt Yglesias, no one knows)

Fight club perfectly encapsulated the post-cold war malaise of the late 90s

Go find Brian on youtube talking about diablo 2 speed runs! (what else)