Episode 24: Live Episode with conversation with chat

June 20, 2021 Chris Season 1 Episode 24
Episode 24: Live Episode with conversation with chat
Show Notes

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If you can, this might be more fun to watch on Twitch or  YouTube where you can read the chat and see our pretty faces.

This week is our live show. Editing is light and trolls are unfortunately fed. We riff on "Conversations with Tyler" by doing over-rated vs under-rated. Let chat adjudicate our coffee bets and talk with chat.

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Big list of coffee bets - now also on Melange app.


The code of Hammurabi is the first mention in the history of insurance

SPACs and SPARCs by Matt Levine. Financial innovation continues to innovate!

Scott Alexander on Fussell on Class (my favourite way to read history is to read Scott Alexander summarising it to me)

Nassim Taleb: The most intolerant wins

The Three Body Problem - Liu Cixin  one of the most imaginative works of sci fi we've ever read.

The solarwinds hack by planet money

A beginner's guide to irrationality - Dan Ariely's MOOC

It continues to be difficult to hire tech talent into the NSA

~23% of vacuum cleaners were robotic in the USA in 2020