Episode 23: Previously known as Untitled

June 12, 2021 Chris Season 1 Episode 23
Episode 23: Previously known as Untitled
Show Notes

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This week Chris and Brian discuss whether we should burn down Atlanta in the name of science (don't worry, we'd let all the people out first). Then, substacks actually change Chris' life (in a pretty minor way, but still!)

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Big list of coffee bets - now also on Melange app.

Sorry to anyone who downloaded this episode while it was called "Untitled" and the show notes unfinished!

How Australia can fix the plasma market

Attack of the Civilization State - China is a fully self-contained civilization and continuing to assert itself in the modern world

Returns to scale in broken windows. Should we destroy a small Australian city? Maybe Brisbane?

Chinese nail houses and the tragedy of the anticommons

The history of insurance - it's debatable.  For the first 3000 years of insurance it seemed to be exclusively to cancel loans, in 1676 a company was set up to make actual payments on a policy

I feel like I've linked this before, but if you're thinking of making a big change in your life, you should probably just go for it!

So he waited, continuing to pretend to be a boring center-right liberal. "What would a real center-right liberal do?" he asked himself, and figured he might as well deregulate some stuff and pass capitalist policies. The Turkish economy entered an unprecedented boom, and a (presumably baffled) Erdogan was hailed as a genius. 

Bryan Caplan - Revenge of the Game Theorist

Moral Costs of Chicken vs. Beef

Offset some of those moral costs with Greenfleet or if you're American perhaps Terrapass

Pain is not the unit of effort! "To this day there's a gremlin on my shoulder that whispers, "If you're happy, you're not trying your best."

The Hardcore something something Assassin WORLD RECORD!!!!!!!!