Episode 22: Blood...patent pending

June 06, 2021 Chris Season 1 Episode 22
Episode 22: Blood...patent pending
Show Notes

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Brian and Chris discuss markets in everything, particularly blood plasma and organs. We talk about patents, one of the first topics Chris liked to read about. We make bets on how Australia opens up it's borders and Chris pretends to be knowledgable about Diablo 2

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Big list of coffee bets - now also on Melange app.


How Walmart used blockchain to grab some headlines....i mean something somehow

What is a crypto oracle?

Planet Money - Blood Money

WHO voluntary non-renumerative blood donations

The fine that creates unintended consequences

Technically you can't donate an entire lung. You need at least two living donors who will donate several lung lobes each.

Tim Harford on patents

For 10 years no one was even sure if the google books project was legal

There are 250,000 patents that impact smart phones representing 1 in 6 patents.