Episode 21: Old tech, new tech, fin-tech, coup tech

May 28, 2021 Chris Season 1 Episode 21
Episode 21: Old tech, new tech, fin-tech, coup tech
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This week Chris and Brian have a meandering discussion on military technology, stagnation, time horzions and "10 year syndrome". We also discuss the new technology of crypto-currency and the cults of personality that it inspires

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Big list of coffee bets - now also on Melange app.


Forced Entrepreneurship -  . Analyzing employment histories for 640,000 U.S. workers, we document graduating college during a period of high unemployment does increase entry to entrepreneurship. However, compared to voluntary entrepreneurs, firms founded by forced entrepreneurs are more likely to survive, innovate, and receive venture-backing.

Nicholas Taleb
-  The three most harmful addictions are heroin carbohydrates and a monthly salary.

Bond tents - avoiding the red zone when retiring.

The great stagnation in military technology:
Fogbank - the missing ingredient in the nuclear arsenal
Apply for a job reverse engineering the heat exchanger of a B2 bomber
Or help find some diodes for an icebreaker

Technology Connections - a pretty great YouTube channel. Be sure to check out the rice cooker episode

Japanese joinery is beautiful

Upside decay

The Colt M1911 - Used by the US military for almost a hundred years

Zohar Atkins - cryptocurrency relies on cult of personality

Chartalism -  a theory of money that argues that money originated with states' attempts to direct economic activity rather

Brian's multi-billion dollar business sending remittances home with crypto-currency - no link because he never started it.

Sometimes you just have to look down and power through to get speedrunning records