Episode 10: I'll be moral, UBI

March 07, 2021 Chris Season 1 Episode 10
Episode 10: I'll be moral, UBI
Show Notes

In this episode we have a listener suggested topic of UBI, how affordable it might be in Australia and if it would help or harm over-all. We talk about moral foundations, and find an actual disagreement between Brian and Chris (please tell us who you agree with). And of course we bring you all the news from D2 speedruns and another coffee bet!

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Big list of coffee bets


Federalism in the UK - sorta federal but not really. They have provinces I guess?

Venezualan relative price fact of the day - " Around Caracas, the capital, a pack of three condoms costs $4.40 — three times Venezuela’s monthly minimum wage of $1.50."

Universal Basic Income - an idea who's time has come?

A data-driven guide to better, more relaxed parenting - Emily Oster

The play pump - possibly the worst way to donate money to the developing world

Understanding moral disagreements with Jonathan Haidt - Rationally speaking with Julia Galef is probably the best podcast. Maybe you should listen to her instead of us?

Moral Foundations Theory - includes the bad graph that irritated Chris

Anti-natalism and climate change.

The repugnant conclusion - a discussion for a later time?

Principal component analysis - explained much better here than what Chris tried to do

Big Five personality traits

Mekalb's Hell HC Barbarian Speedrun highlights (only 14 minutes long!)