Episode 38: Bad Job Applications

May 03, 2023 Chris Season 1 Episode 38
Episode 38: Bad Job Applications
Show Notes

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The obligitory Big list of coffee bets

This week we discuss a list of job applications questions submitted by a user. List below!

  1. Which three books have influenced you the most? 
  2. What do you want to be doing in 10 years’ time and what are you doing now to get there? 
  3. What are the three most critical challenges facing Britain? 
  4. What have you achieved that is unusual for your peer group? 
  5. How has your worldview developed over time? Feel free to mention thinkers, books, and political leaders that have influenced you. 
  6. You can put three figures, living or dead, into a room and listen in on the conversation. Who do you pick?
  7. If you had to recommend one piece of art, literature, film, television, or music that says something important about our world today, what would it be? Please briefly explain your answer.