Episode 37: Dying With Zero Trolley Problems

August 28, 2022 Chris Season 1 Episode 37
Episode 37: Dying With Zero Trolley Problems
Show Notes

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The obligitory Big list of coffee bets

This week we discuss an ok-ish book that proves to be a good kicking off point for a conversation Die with Zero by Bill Perkins. Brian skimmed some blogs on it and Chris listened to the podcast version.

We also have quite a lot of fun seeing how many people we kill or let die in absurd trolley problems

Other stuff!

We have a substack now so that you can read your blogs like a normal person instead of someone who reads blogs as links from their podcatcher. I think probably not many people do that which is why no one reads my show notes

In Danny Kahneman’s book Thinking Fast and Slow they discuss why you might prefer more total pain in order to feel less total suffering.

One of the greatest posts on the /r/financialindependance subreddit was Build the Life You Want, Then Save for It by Mr. Llama, surprisingly also a Diablo II streamer. Strange overlap between these two worlds.